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T-Bone Takes a Stand for Public Schools (Book 9) After reading about New Jersey's Revolutionary Neighbors and their amazing contributions, T-Bone decides to become a Revolutionary Neighbor himself. When everyone reminds him that he's a couple of centuries too late, he decides to do what they did and take a stand. The only problem is deciding what he will take a stand for. After some no-so-brilliant ideas, he decides to take a stand for public schools. Join T-Bone, Nicky, Wanda, and Timmy as they explore why public schools are so important and what really makes them successful. $6.95

Writing with Lisa Funari-Willever & Friends $5.00

Writing with Lisa Funari-Willever & Friends (FOR NJ TEACHERS) $1.00

Writing with Lisa Funari-Willever & Friends Set


- 25 copies of Writing with Lisa Funari-Willever & Friends
- 1 copy of There's a Kid Under My Bed
- 1 poster
- bookmarks
- tote bag

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Ultimate Nicky Fifth Bag


- 25 copies of Writing with Lisa Funari-Willever & Friends
- 25 copies of Nicky Fifth Explores New Jersey's Great Outdoors Activity Book
- 1 copy of each Nicky Fifth chapter book
- 1 copy of There's a Kid Under My Bed
- poster
- bookmarks

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Nicky FIfth Explores New Jersey's Great Outdoors (Book 8) 978-0-9857218-1-7 While Nicky Fifth and T-Bone eagerly await their new roles as New Jersey’s Official Junior Ambassadors, they discover a side of the state that most people take for granted — our amazing Great Outdoors. Despite Nicky’s reservations, they include Wanda Heiss, a new friend and T-Bone’s not-so-secret crush, on their Garden State adventures. Follow Nicky, T-Bone, and Wanda as they explore our state parks and forests while learning about the people who made them possible, including special guest, Governor Brendan Byrne. $6.95

Nicky Fifth Explores New Jersey's Great Outdoors Activity Book Set 978-0-9857218-2-4 Includes: 25 copies of the workbook, 1 copy of Nicky Fifth Explores New Jersey’s Great Outdoors, plus poster and bookmarks. Total cost: FREE! (Teachers just pay $18 for shipping & handling) $15.00

Nicky Fifth Says Vote for T-Bone (Book 7) 978-0-9857218-0-0 When you're a kid, you have your own odd-job business, and you're about to be named New Jersey's Official Junior Ambassador, what do you do for fun? If you're T-Bone, you run for Student Council, of course! Follow Nicky and T-Bone as they explore the Garden State while running a hilarious campaign for Class President. $6.95

Nicky Fifth's New Jersey (Book 6)

The newest title in the Nicky Fifth series, follow Nicky and T-Bone as they explore more amazing New Jersey destinations, including Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken.  

Meet the winners of the Nicky Fifth's New Jersey contest and meet our special guests!


Nicky Fifth At The Jersey Shore (Book 5) The fifth title in the acclaimed Nicky Fifth chapter books series, follow Nicky Fifth and T-Bone as they Explore the Jersey Shore. Set in real locations along the 127 mile coast, Nicky and T-Bone lead readers from beaches to boardwalks to water parks and lighthouses. Includes a Passport that readers can have stamped as they follow the boys' adventures...literally. $6.95

Nicky Fifth's Passport to the Garden State (Book 4) The fourth installment in the popular Nicky Fifth chapter book series. A seamless mix of fiction and non-fiction, this story uses real New Jersey locations, landmarks, and businesses as the setting and includes a Passport with 36 Stamp Stops and a Scavenger Hunt. $6.95

Nicky Fifth For Hire (Book 3) 978-0-9760469-3-6 The latest installment in the acclaimed Nicky Fifth series. Softcover 160 pages $5.95

Nicky Fifth's Garden State Adventure (Book 2) 978-0-9760469-2-9 Named to the prestigious 2005-2006 New Jersey Battle of The Book List. Softcover 160 pages $5.95

Nicky Fifth on 32 Dandelion Court (Book 1) 978-0-9679227-7-5 Named to the prestigious 2007-2008 New Jersey Battle of The Books list and celebrating 5 years delighted kids and their parents and teachers! Softcover 160 pages $5.95

There's A Kid Under My Bed 978-0-9760469-4-3 Order your first edition copy now! Written by Lisa Funari-Willever and illustrated by Lon Levin, this story is bound to become a bedtime standard. 2008 Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention! Hardcover with Dust Jacket 40 pages $12.95

Chumpkin 978-0-9679227-9-9 Selected as a favorite by First Lady Laura Bush and displayed at the White House. Named a Fall Favorite by Learning Magazine. Fall in love with the pumpkin that stole America's heart. Hardcover 32 pages $9.95

The Easter Chicken 978-0-9679227-6-8 Can the Chicken really replace the Easter Bunny? Hardcover 32 pages $9.95

A Glove of Their Own 978-0-9760469-5-0 Award-winning title from authors Debbie Moldovan, Keri Conkling, and Lisa Funari-Willever comes the heartwarming, feel good book of the year. This story is for every kid who plays without coaches, concession stands, and uniforms and is about baseball's lessons, on and off the field. Brilliantly illustrated by Lauren Lambiase, this book has started a movement to ensure that all kids have...a glove of their own. Hardcover with Dust Jacket 10" x 10" 32 pages $15.95

Everybody Moos At Cows 978-0-9679227-0-6 Featured on the Rosie O'Donnell Show! Hardcover 32 Pages $11.95

You Can't Walk A Fish 978-0-9679227-1-3 The hilarious second story in the Matthew McFarland series. Hardcover 32 Pages $11.95

On Your Mark, Get Set, Teach 978-0-9679227-5-1 The Must-Have Guide For New Teachers. Written by teachers, Lisa Battinelli and Lisa Funari-Willever, new and student teachers. Softcover 192 pages $13.95 $9.95 On Sale!

51 Secrets of Motherhood 978-0-9760469-0-5 Written by Rebecca Matthias... the mom behind Motherhood, A Pea In The Pod, Mimi Maternity, and Destination Maternity. Softcover 128 pages $15.95 $9.95 On Sale!